The 3 girls…

This is about 3 interesting girls I met today.




This happened today morning at the restaurant. I was late today (as usual) and was running out of time and the decision of having food was just to keep the promise I had given my mother that I wont bunk my breakfast. At the cash desk, just after ordering bread-omelet I had this temptation to have a vadai . And I asked the girl at the other end…


Me: Is there Vadai?


Girl: Can I take coffee?


Me: There is no vadai?


Girl: What about Tea?


Holding my nerves, I said…


What I asked was “Is there Vadai or not?”


Girl: Let me look..   




I didn’t get an answer for another five minutes (I didn’t expect one.) and then she came with the food I ordered and said “Sorry Sir, there is no vadai” …





At noon I headed to the nearest studio to take a snap of mine as I was supposed to provide one at office today. I really wonder if every HR manager asked their employees to provide their photo today as the rush made me think so. To my relief the studio people have arranged a lot of chairs to wait. And after waiting for about 30 minutes when my turn to be photographed came the photographer went out. This is when this girl arrived with whole lot of make-up (Beauty parlor face-il thane. :) ). There were enough vacant chairs but I guess she didn’t see any of those and any guess what she did!!!


She found it comfortable walking past us, getting into the studio lab and sat at the chair there!!!


She is also an IT professional. Education had taken her nowhere, I guess. She is from US Technologies. (Incase she reads this, I just want her to make sure that I am talking about her.)




This is not as dumb as the above two. There’s a little of fault in my part too. After the tedious (:P) working hours I was heading home in my bike when this sweet girl in her kutti bike in front of me took a sharp right turn without any indication. My bike was so close that I applied both breaks and closed my eyes.


Oops… a narrow escape, the bikes just kissed.


As a matter of decency, I said “sorry” (I shouldn’t have!!) and I hoped to hear something similar from her side. But to my amusement (not anymore), she said something else (I guess, Sanskrit words)  and gave me a look as if I were Chandu and she were Unniyarcha (after the death of Aromal :P) .. 



All in all, the day rocked…



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8 Responses to The 3 girls…

  1. vibharaj says:

    Hi there ! Finally u see a not-so dumb fourth one too ;)

  2. iam_vivek says:

    really day rocked. But she can make it more in the last case..
    hii >

  3. vivek_b says:

    Yes i know, and that is the reason why i vanished the moment itself without making a big scene. people have a tendency to support the weaker sex. (i meant physical weakness :P)..

  4. anonymous says:

    Liked the usage –’bikes just kissed’– Is it because the girl was pretty?? :)


  5. vivek_b says:


    No; coz my bike is naughty… ;)

  6. anonymous says:

    athu sheri…appo bikine kissadippikkal ninte sthiram erpaadanalle… ithe pole pandu vere oru bikumayi kissadichathormayundo??? annu purakilirunna njan roadaayittu kissadikkandi vannu!!!! :|

  7. vivek_b says:

    Atheppo .. :-? ?????

  8. anonymous says:

    ninakkorma undaavilla ennenikkariyaam… njan backil iruppundo illayo ennu polum nokkaathe alle nee avidannu mungiyathu!!

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