UNCLE Vivek…

I am an UNCLE!!! :)))

My cousin sister gave birth to a boy. Now, there is someone in this world previleged to call me uncle.

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15 Responses to UNCLE Vivek…

  1. shrads_m says:

    Hey Congrats! :)

  2. vibharaj says:

    Yay ! That is SOME news.. congrats Uncle Sam :)

  3. anonymous says:

    vivek maamaaaaaa….:D

  4. vivek_b says:

    than q.. :)

  5. vivek_b says:

    If you meant it in the rite (:P) sense…

    it’s not mama.. my aunt says it wud be “cheriyachan”

    And if you are the person whom i guess to be I know you’ll never mean it right. :D

  6. sujith_h says:

    “Cheriyachan” means UNCLE?

  7. vivek_b says:

    Wat else???

    small father!!


    Fr. Cheri :P…

  8. anonymous says:

    father cheri???? :O nee ippozhum inganokke thannaanalle… n i meant it onli the rite sense..wat cud possibly be “wrong” in that…:|

  9. vivek_b says:

    Hehe.. ok ok..

    Anyways, i am happy to know that you read my blog.. :)

  10. anonymous says:

    but ofcos!!! thers a new member in the ppl who read ur blog regularly…;)

  11. azhar_am says:

    oho..so u can replace john / sharu khan in that pepsi add..:P
    ..congrats dude…vivek bankgaya maamu..

  12. vivek_b says:

    hehe DANKS..

    excuse the irrelevence..but did you stop blogging or wat?

  13. anonymous says:

    @Azhar..LOL.. nalla adipoli chali!

  14. anonymous says:

    mudiyokke straighten cheythenkilum ninte standard kalanju kulichitillallo…nalla karyam

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