To err is human, to debug is divine(??)

How long a second can be??? It’s too long a time when it comes to computing. It so happened that I switched on the microcontroller which had a code with a silly (?) bug in it. Seconds later I realized and fixed it but found that the code is not working. Awh.. it irritates me a lot when the code with perfect (!) logic fails to work. I spent a lot of time on this *so said* correct code, but the fact is I forgot about the first stupid move (switching on the mc with wrong code). That did the trick – 8 bytes of EEPOM memory got dead. Note that , it takes about 1 lakh writes for a EEPROM cell to wear out. So, is that an achievement?? :D. (8 lakh writes in less than 10 secs!!!)


Changing the EEPROM addresses made me smile. It worked!.. It worked last week too, so getting it worked is not a big deal. The happiness was due to the reason that I could manage to reduce the size of the code a lot and now it looks much more elegant (Even I felt ashamed of the code I wrote before). I even added a couple of extra features. J


I am blogging from office! Lemme stop before they kick me out. J

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12 Responses to To err is human, to debug is divine(??)

  1. iam_vivek says:

    hi :) you are right. debugging is really divine part …

  2. anonymous says:



  3. anonymous says:

    ninte aa SwaPu swabhavam iniyum maariylla alle!! 8 byte dead aakkiyittu irunnu chirikkunno!

  4. nikhil_n says:

    :) u meant our experience with Zope?

  5. nikhil_n says:

    Seems interesting. Hope you are enjoying the embedded field.

  6. iam_vivek says:

    yes dude..

  7. anonymous says:

    “Less bugs more fun! :)” (-kadappaadu – The coolsun-)

    Btw, Who is this anonymous?? Why cant he/she disclose his/her name?


  8. vivek_b says:

    Yes.. can I help you.. :P

    (Whats the tone like??)…

  9. vivek_b says:

    I seriously thought you wud use SwaPu if u comment.. :)

  10. vivek_b says:

    Of coz… Its fulla fun out here…

  11. vivek_b says:

    I know.. the moment i realized the problem i thought of the post (“Less bugs more fun”).. i shud have compiled it myself once more before i tested!!..

    about anon… i give the rite of disclosing to the person itself (if anon wishes)… :)

  12. anonymous says:

    thank u for the rite vivek…;)

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