The Machomen

Two months at work and I have been learning how stuffs go in a R&D company (so they say, you can as well read it as ‘company’). Now the major job of the one who comes to evaluate the work is to find the faults of the ‘product’. I love the way the following 3 engineers design and develop the project. Before that in our company MD himself comes for demo evaluation.

Engineer A

MD asks to develop an aeroplane. A begins the work immediately. He thinks about all the possibilities, even starts to think what to do when AL-Qaeda attacks the plane. Once he had the overview it would be too late, when he knows that the company does not want to stop AL-Qaeda from attacking this plane, but he wants his idea to be implemented. He design and develop giving slots for further upgradation of the plane to resist the attacks (as company might have the plan to resist in future. And he streamline the plane for better performance which might make the plane look like a car but with improved speed.

MD comes to see the demo performance (He might be iritated by the delay). He gets confused by seeing the car!! He questions why it looks like a car and the need of extra slots?? A too feels bad to see the faults (he forgets the positive sides as he always looks at his faults to improve himself). MD becomes unhappy for the moment and goes back.

A spends more time on it to rediscover the inventions he had made and informs MD about it. MD is satisfied.. :)

His dedication and vision is impressive…

Engineer B

MD asks to develop an aeroplane. B is lazy but smart and starts his job too late (say a day before the ‘demo day’). And almost finishes the work in time.

MD comes to see the demo. Plane starts to fly and by half way it crashes.. At this time B tells MD that there is a new rescue system attached to the plane (say parachute) which helps you at crashes. MD gets thrilled and would want to know more about it. B explains how the rescue system works and what all advantages the passengers will have with the rescue system. That would kill a lot of time. MD is satisfied by the work and forgets about the crash and goes back. Now B, has more time to fix the problems.

After sometime MD comes back (someone hits his head :P) querying about the crash which would have been fixed in meantime by B. B gives a dumb excuse for the crash and demonstrates it again, which makes MD happy.

I love to master this art some day..

Engineer C

MD asks to develop an aeroplane. C is really really smart. He breaks down the plane into a lot of bicycles – different types of bicycles. Then, he finds people who likes each type of bicycle, discuss with them about the bicycle and develops it in ease. Just after one gets developed he informs the MD and he would be satisfied by the bicycle as he had a quick result.

The way he divides the problem is so very elegant..

A, B and C are smart, right??


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11 Responses to The Machomen

  1. anonymous says:

    3 of them are smart. But I like the 2nd engineer more :)
    Majority of people are like Engineer-B.. right?


  2. anonymous says:

    I am not so sure.. Had seen a couple of such ppl in my B-Tech days, but it’s a different case (being smart in front of lecturers (prob guest) is a simple thing to do)..

    I have seen only one of his type in the company, maybe coz the company is too small .. :)


  3. anonymous says:

    n i suppose that person is you…;) or are u the first type??? :P


  4. vivek_b says:

    You are mistaken…

    I am not in the list… :)..

  5. anonymous says:

    there are a 4th class who do not do the job at all :) and find excuses to get more more and more time..

    and in my opinion third is the smartest fellow.. hope i could develop that talent some day….


  6. vivek_b says:

    The fourth guy is also smart provided he manages to get “more and more” time.. :)

    And the third guy is really really smart.. he’s the one whom i respect the most in the company.. In fact i could even write a seperate article about him.. Lots of talents wrapped with humility..

  7. anonymous says:

    Da , I guessed who 2nd is. First i am not so sure. Third ? who is the third ? Reveal th identities, if only through nicks/thinner veiled references.


  8. vivek_b says:

    HI, NIce to see you here..

    The first happen to be the red nosed guy.. The third is a neighbour of the first guy, who has an extra monitor to play with… :)

  9. anonymous says:

    the song is really good here!
    i hope u got the translation for the song frm my reply-comment?
    vivek, rnt u the vivek i know….’unicorn’??
    today i got lil confused abt ur personal me plz
    small wonder!

  10. vivek_b says:

    Thank you for the translation.. also for letting me know about the site ‘music dumber’ :)

    NO.. I think you got confused with some other vivek..

    You can know more abt me here..

  11. anonymous says:

    i have viewd ur profile
    all this time i was confused abt “u”
    now i know that i “dont know u”
    keep blogging!

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