Stop, Look and Jump

The usual wake up time for me is 8:30 but today i had to wake up at about 5.30 to drop my father at railway station. He gave me a package, which were some documents, to be given to one of his colleague and he showed me the house in our way to railway station. He did not want to disturb them at that time and told me to give the package on my way back. That was a real foul… He could have told me that before. I was in my night dress! (a 3/4th and a 10th std T-shirt).

I reached at about 6, back to their house after dropping him. And still the gate was locked and no lights were on. I thought of waiting till 6.30 there, observing (vayanottam to be precise) the joggers! Einstein had a point.. Time is relative.. It took about an hour for the time to reach 6:10. And that changed my mind. No matter what they think i decided to disturb them and started striking the gate. This continued for about 2-3 minutes and i failed terribly. What to do now.. Yes, you guessed right! I jumped over the gate.. :D.. I was not at all hesitant as I was sure nothing bad is going to happen. The aunty knows that someone will come to meet her today morning to hand over the documents.

I rang the bell twice to get the door opened. A middle aged lady came out and i extended the package towards her and said

“Aunty X, sorry for disturbing, I am son of Mr.Balachandran and he told me to hand this over to you”

Lady: I am not X. I am Y.

Me: Ahem. So is this not the house of X?

Lady: NO


And now the man of the house also came out. The lady told him everything and I was lucky that the couple took it lightly. And they were about to go back when i again interrupted.

“Can you please open the gate for me…”

Now the lady looked at me strangely. The man came with the keys and I was thinking of whether to give him an explanation or not and at the end decided that it is better to keep quiet or else i would be giving him a chance to talk and who knows what he is gonna TALK.

Just after i entered my car i told him “SORRY” and didn’t even waited for a reply.

I finally found out the house. It is a similar looking house in the next lane.

Apart from this, it was great ride in the morning. It’s pretty nice to see the sleeping Thiruvananthapuram city. The whole 4-line road is yours to drive!

Lots of joggers; i think it is high time for me to start jogging :P.

And the KV students waiting for bus reminded me of the horrible days of my life (11th and 12th).

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8 Responses to Stop, Look and Jump

  1. anonymous says:

    lol..thats realli hilarious.. to be knockin on the doors of a stranger so early in the mornin n that too in the kind of attire u wer in… n i can imagine wat the color combo wud hav been… too bad the unc n aunt let u go jus like that.. wud hav made an even more interestin story had they done that… :P

  2. anonymous says:

    That really would have been a nice situation :)

    Its so bad that u consider KV as a bad part of ur life.. :(

  3. vivek_b says:

    Hehe… I was lucky this time.. :)

  4. vivek_b says:

    Its all about getting up early in the morning and reaching school at 7:15!

  5. vibharaj says:

    Hehe That was cute :)
    saramilla…it is all a part of growing up ! I personally feel 3/4 and 10std tshirts are really cool !

  6. vivek_b says:


    Nice to see you back in here..

  7. iam_vivek says:

    i cant believe you can wear 10 th std dress n all now. hii :)

  8. vivek_b says:

    Well.. Truth is stranger than fiction!!! :D

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