With Love..

I was thinking a lot about this man today 


He is my grandfather (my mother’s father), the only one among my grandparents whom i haven’t seen. Whenever I talk about him i use ‘Muthachan’ to refer him. Muthachan was a great admirer of life and beauty of earth. He wanted to live a thousand years if possible. According to my mother he is the best father ever lived in this world. He loved his children more than anyone could love. You may have a difference in opinion but my mother never agrees.. :)

He died when my mother was 13 in a car accident. Of my grandparents the one whom i love the most is my grandmother (Amooma, Muthachan’s wife). She used to say that if Muthachan were alive it would have been him.

Muthacha, you live in my dreams, in my thoughts, forever  .. 

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11 Responses to With Love..

  1. sujith_h says:

    I was brought up by my grand parents. I lost my grandfather 5 years back :( He knew me much better than my parents!!! He was 97 when he left us. He loved me very much in spite of the fact that I was the eldest grandson. Now I used to tell my cousines who are 2-3 years old “We too had a grand father!!! A great man who had great respect for mankind”

  2. anonymous says:

    Was he in Police/Army?
    Kurachukaalamaayi comment cheyyarillenkilum, vaayikkarundu.

    Oru vayanakkari.

  3. vivek_b says:

    He was in excise.

    Nice to know that you read my blog. :)
    [oru privilege ayittu karuthunnu.. :)]

  4. anonymous says:

    Is there any particular reason which made you think about your Muthachan on day before yesterday. I mean his birthday or something else.

    This post made me think of my grandfather(Amma’s father) too. Even though I’ve not seen him, I’m really proud to be his grand daughter. He was a great freedom struggler who had been in jail for 14 months and a recipient of ‘Thaamrapathra’ from the then prime minister Indira Gandhi.


  5. vivek_b says:

    There is a reason, but it has nothing to do with dates.. :)

    That’s great.. (abt ur grandfather).. I can imagine how much PROUD you would be…

  6. sreerenj says:

    wow,,,me too thought about my grandfather after read this post..

  7. vivek_b says:

    That’s a credit for the post, i guess…

  8. vibharaj says:

    I had once written about my grandpa too…Grandparents are the best. My grandma brought me up and still does.. :)
    So sweet of u to think about him and thanks for posting a pic too.. Was he a policeman?

  9. vivek_b says:

    He was in excise..

    I wanted to post another nice pic of his.. But this was the only soft copy i had and i didnt want the post to wait till i scan another pic..

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