Home Alone….

My father had gone for a tour accompanying his students for a week. And that means for the next one week I am all alone at home. Let me see how it will go.. :)

The best thing about Thiruvananthapuram is that we got beaches over here, very near to the city!

It has been long since I went to a beach. Next week i need not have to give company to anyone and the complete 24 hours a day is mine (except for work hours).

I am getting really really silly, nowadays.. Maybe they are not silly things but i feel so.. :( { F10, F10 }

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4 Responses to Ramblings…

  1. anonymous says:

    I also feel a little loneliness (you know why).

    Vivek, you can go to the beach, thirayennaam (venamenkil oru pattum paadam), but in my case, enikkoru beach polumilla.

    Oru vayanakkari.

  2. vivek_b says:

    Beach thane venamennillallo, puzhayo kayalo ayalum mathi..

    And I am so sure that you gonna be ok in a couple of days.. :)


  3. anonymous says:

    hmm… enittu avasaanam nee beachil poyi enthokke cheythu… aa trip polokke thannaayirunno…:D


  4. vivek_b says:

    Haha.. Nah nah… ithu vayikittanu poyathu… :)

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