GEC Story continues..

I have a serious problem of being friendly with complete strangers!! And this was at its peak when I joined GEC. And hence I was confined to a group of close friends and mingling with girls was something near to Herculean a task. But, I was so lucky to be in the best class ever to be in the college. I know most of us think that our own class is the best but I don’t think anyone who really knows about our class would argue. So, been in the best class, they made me change. And very soon I got a lot of friends (almost everyone) and that was really nice an experience. 

Hey hey hey, I am completely deviating from what I am supposed to write.

I really don’t know what others thought about me in the initial days of my B-Tech. But a friend of mine told an incident that happened between us at that time (which I don’t remember) and it seems to be funny. She is a good friend of mine now but at the time of this incident we haven’t even talked for once (so she said).  The things I am scribbling down in green are her words and the ‘you’ in those points me.

Once in IC, You came late and was beside me.
I almost fainted out of tension

And sir was teaching something.. Linux commands and all 
Ok, so sir was teaching us and then we had to type commands.

I really wished you to take over the typing because I didn’t quite know what to do and I was slow in typing too

And then.. You asked to use tab. Sorry, not tab, up arrow to see previous commands. 
You said up arrow adikku.. up arrow adikku (Strike the up arrow key)

My jaw almost dropped. You see, you were getting impatient and I was feeling stupid too.
Then.. I wished and wished that the class would end soon. How I wished all the boys to go!

I’ll never forget that.. Vivek B beside me and me at the keyboard

 me: hehe, Was that because of me being a boy??

Not being a boy..Vivek B..the one and only..

 me: I was thinking about something new for my blog and I got something J.

The rest of the conversation were in FRENCH and SANSKRIT. It’s better not to write it. 


I have been boasting a lot over here, so i thought of scribbling down something told by another friend of mine along with this.. “Vivek, I’ll never forget you; maybe because you are the one who bored me the most” .. (What a compliment!!!)

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8 Responses to GEC Story continues..

  1. anonymous says:

    i am on watchout for comments….

  2. vivek_b says:

    OK.. :).. Keep your fingers crossed.. :D

  3. anonymous says:

    “I was so lucky to be in the best class EVER to be in the college” –
    I record my STRONG PROTEST. Your’s may be the best one in your BATCH. Anyway, ‘Ninte vishwasam ninne rakshikkatte..’

    But I believe “our’s is the best class in GEC”.


  4. iam_vivek says:

    Hailstone :) grr.. Let Compscizz ROCKS every year.Its our chance right now..

  5. vivek_b says:

    NO way.. Miles to go dear before comparing with our class…

    Neways.. ‘Ninte vishwasam ninne rakshikkatte..’ :)

  6. vivek_b says:

    All the best!!!.. And Compscizz do rocks..

  7. anonymous says:

    Lol… very good write up… thoroughly enjoyed it!! :)
    n very very amusing… jus lovdd the last comment n i wanna kno who the ppl in the story wer..u can mail me ofcos.. :D

    i completely agree that the 2k3 cse batch was the best ever.. ;) esp since “the one n onli” thinks so

  8. anonymous says:

    n that was my post by the way..forgot to mention that… :P


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