Silly Puzzles..

Long back, I made a post on the interview I attended in Technopark. I mentioned that I had an aptitude test. Today I thought to share some of them with you. The first two puzzles are from the test.. You might have probably heard these before but for me they were fresh stuffs.

Puzzle -1:

 Census Officer: “How many kids you have? And what are their ages?”.

 Professor: “I got 3 kids. The product of their ages is 36 and the sum of their ages is my neighbor’s house no:”

 The officer went out and came back telling “Insufficient Data”.

 Professor: My eldest son is sleeping upstairs.

 The officer becomes happy with that!!! (he figured out the ages)

 Tell me what the ages are?

Puzzle 2:

A sadist King wanted to play a game. He picked up 100 intelligent citizens and closed them in a room. The king had 100 caps, of which some were red in color and others green. King made all of them wear the caps. Now the king said that he would be making them stand in a line such that everyone can see the caps of people in front of them. And then the King would ask each one of them starting from the last guy the color of his/her cap. All others could hear his/her answer and if the answer is wrong he/she would be killed the moment itself. The people figured out a strategy in answering so that in worst case only X people dies. What is the strategy and what is X? (I mean, tell me the strategy you think is the best)

PS: People can’t go around and ask others what color hat they wear.

PS2: A computer science or electronics student could answer this easily.

Puzzle 3:

The following digits are arranged in a particular order. You are required to find the basis for this order?


Another series..

66 36 18 08 00

Hints are given in the comment section.  

You can comment but the comments won’t get displayed for 3 days. I am screening them just not to spoil the fun.

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2 Responses to Silly Puzzles..

  1. vivek_b says:


    Puzzle 1:

    ‘The officer went out and came back telling “Insufficient Data”.’

    Think, why he said so??

    Puzzle 2:

    Think of parity bit. CS and Electronics students must have learned it in Switching theory and logic design.

    Puzzle 3:

    No hints required.. it is really simple.. :)

  2. anonymous says:

    test comment by Vivek

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