The year 2007 is over, leaving a 2000 and 7 memories.

 I had two main roles in the year 2007. The first half of the year witnessed me as a final year engineering student and the second half as a newbie engineer. 

The first half was really fabulous. I didn’t learned/did anything technical in this period. It was complete masti except for the main project (I may put up another entry on that. Doing College Projects – the easy way). There were friends of mine in college who started crying from the 1st of January thinking about the farewell. I thought I would never feel sad but eventually I too felt so. These last six months in college were so happening for me and I am happy about that. Tried a lot of new things. I even tried writing a poem on ‘college days’, but terribly failed and had to agree that I can never write poems (but one day, I will my dear friends). The best thing that happened was that I had my B-Tech degree!!

And the second part started soon after the first. And the best thing in this part is that I get a pretty good amount of money every month. And I couldn’t continue with my vrath of not learning. Nothing other than work happened in these 6 months and as a consequence of that I added 7 kg’s of weight L. Maybe all these fat I accumulated will help me survive one day (Sampathu kaalathu thy patthu vechal.. ).

PS: I tied up myself to the chair to complete this. Seems like, I am also infected by Harish’s writer’s block disease!

PS2: Can anyone tell me how I can embedd music (in background) along with an article.

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6 Responses to 007

  1. anonymous says:

    if it was 007 kgs in 2007, would it be 008 in 2008?

    oru vaayanakkaaran.

  2. vivek_b says:


    As we all know 008 is a magic number i may probably loose some flabs instead of gaining.

  3. iam_vivek says:

    only 7 kgs.. That’s a great News. Oh you had other activities also na.( remembering previous posts)

  4. vivek_b says:

    by nothing i meant.. jogging, gym, exercises etc… :)

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