Bucknor out, Bhajji in…

BCCI has shown its power in world cricket. Steve Bucknor is removed from the rest of the India-Australia series and Harbhajan Singh is playing the third test. Like most other Indians I am happy about that but this post is not to criticize or support any team or decision.

All this drama reminded me of another cricket match happened almost 15 years back. The ground and players were different, ball and bat were different and even the game was different. A long six was considered as ‘out’ those days. The ball was of rubber and the bat was of wax. And I was one among the proud players.

This guy, let us call him Raju, was batting and made a terrific shot on a short pitched ball which flew up and up and crossed the upper limit of the boundary and fell into the convent complex and that was called out. Now, Rajumon came up with the argument that the ball caressed the wall and hence he is not out. That was a pointless argument that not even his teammates supported him. And we were not ready to agree that and the argument heated up when Rajumon called someone                                                             

Poda Patti, njan out alla (I am not out, you dog).

And the other fellow started to sing

Macro macro, macri out aane’ (Macri is out) .

Macri was his nickname. That was the end of it. He felt so humiliated (racial offense??) that he told he is not playing anymore, took his bat and left the ground. OOPS… We lost our bat. He was the owner of the bat and none could stop him.

Now that we had no choice other than calling him back declaring him as not out, we went for it. We had to struggle a bit to get him back to the ground from his house.

When you have power, it shows.

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5 Responses to Macri-cket

  1. anonymous says:

    Make love, not war!

  2. sreerenj says:

    one doubt,I think Your nick name was “Macri” at that time…

  3. vivek_b says:

    haha, Good guess.. But its not me.. :)

  4. vivek_b says:

    Make love!!!!

    I believe that this comment is not from ‘macri’

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