I hate to be the topper

Last time I came first in class was when I was in first standard. In fact i was not too bothered (aware) about rank those days that i always knew that i was first when they call out my name in assembly to present the first ranker’s medal. And from second standard my mother stopped teaching me and I started learning it all(:P) by myself. And as an end result i lost my rank. I have never been first again and never had the medals.

I waited for about 4 years restlessly to have the rank again but was in vain. And at the end I wanted to discover what the real trick was behind the rank thing. The only one i found who could help me solve the puzzle was ‘Anita’. She had the reputation of all time first ranker in the class those days. But the problem was I was a back bencher, the problem kid, a terrific headache to teachers. And she was the most obedient, teachers pet, nerdy girl of the class. And those were the days when we thought ‘Girls are germs’ (it takes quite long a time to understand that there is an extra ‘r’ hanging around in that statement ;)). So, finally I decided to ask her one day. It was lunch break and most of the boys were out in ground busy playing (except for those ultra bookworms). I went and sat near her and once again made sure that none of my friends were around and..

Me: Anita, I want to know something..

She turned her face and i could see the surprise in her eyes..

Anita: Yes, What is it??

Me: How do you get first rank? I would also like to have it.

She almost had a nervous breakdown. She was sitting there wondering if i went insane or not. Her facial exprssion was telling me ‘Hey, are you mad? Go and fight with some stupid guy’. But she did explain.

Anita: It is so simple..

I was so happy hearing that and set my mind ready to by-heart the mantra she was going to tell..

Anita: You have to spent about 15-20 minutes on each subject learning the stuffs written in notebook that day. And after that you have to read the topics that would be taken the next day. And at the end of the week, you have to learn everything once again and have a testpaper from your parents. 


By then, I had a nervous breakdown… Lot of things to do!!!! And i had nothing in my notebook. And learning something more than once!! It is stupid and useless. And isn’t it a crime to learn things before the teacher teaches? You are not supposed to be knowledgeable than your teacher.

I wondered how someone could do all these stuffs just for a medal! I had no way other than dropping my idea of being a first ranker. 

And all these years, till date, I never came first in any of the course .. :) But Anita’s tip was so effective that i never wished.. 

And this heading is an explanation i give for not being one.

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16 Responses to I hate to be the topper

  1. anonymous says:

    So, what is Anita doing now? Was 24 hours enough for her when she reached high-school?

    - Vayanakkaran.

  2. anonymous says:

    hey man..d post luks better than the way u told me earlier..Hmmm, somebody sure is into serious writing…N hey, btw, u’ve never spoke of this incident to me before. Is this “all characters in this story are fictitious..blah blah..” ?
    Watever, it’s always better to be the average joe. :)


  3. iam_vivek says:

    ya GERMS/GEMS i like that term. hii

  4. anonymous says:

    Yeah… I too liked the usage.. But I guess, the apt word for comparison with girls is ‘GEMS’ ;)


  5. vivek_b says:

    I dont know what she is doing now. The amazing thing is she managed to perform well till 10th, then i shifted school but have heard that she had a not-so-good result in entrance examination.

  6. vivek_b says:


    NO.. This is a true life incident.. :)

  7. vivek_b says:

    havent u read this

    “(it takes quite long a time to understand that there is an extra ‘r’ hanging around in that statement ;)).”

  8. anonymous says:

    Hey vivek… nice to see this blog… and the topic as well!!!

    I just need to know one thing from you after reading the post..

    where is Anita????????

    Tom’s Freind !!!!!

  9. vivek_b says:

    Oru topper-ku veroru topperodulla mamta yano??

    Neways, i dont know where she is now.

  10. sujith_h says:

    Till 3rd I was a topper. But at that time I was with my parents. Then I came back to kerala for my studies. Its then I started to learn myself. Huhh the horrible school days when my mom used to compare me with my cousin who also studied in the same school :(. But now I used to tell my parents… “Njaan evide vichaarichu avide ethaanulla shramam engilum nadathi… But aval athu polum cheythilla…” Anyways more than being a topper try to analyze why you are learning the subjects and where could these things be applied. For sure you will be successful.

  11. vivek_b says:

    “Anyways more than being a topper try to analyze why you are learning the subjects and where could these things be applied. For sure you will be successful”

    Awh.. :O More things to do !!!!

    Are you trying to be another ‘Anita’.. (probably yes, you are a hat trick topper) :P

    Looking back, my school days were never horrible it was real fun.. i never missed the slightest of fun i could have…

  12. vivek_b says:

    A friend of mine told me today that i am writng really boring stuff.. He asked why I am filling this place with old stuffs?? I could not give an answer then. so, buddy here is the answer..

    “Pandu Kaanaayil karthavinodu kaanaakaran, enthae ee pazhaya veenjedukkan ithreyum thamasiche ennu chodichappol karthavu paranjathe enikkum parayanullu.. pazhayathinu orithundu, aethu?? ;)

  13. anonymous says:

    pavam kartavine veruthe vittude…hmmm..

  14. vivek_b says:

    Awh.. i didnt mean to hurt anyone’s feelings.. Pinne, Karthavu paavamallalo, kidilamalle.. enthellam karyangala cheythirikunnathu.. :)

  15. anonymous says:

    Girls r Gems..thats good.
    i dont think bein like anita and being a top scorer is good
    life has to be enjoyed..ur closing lines r gooooood!

  16. vivek_b says:

    But i guess there are people who enjoys life that way.. [Anita can be one of that kind].. :)

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