Ten unknown things about me

1. My greatest ambition is to become an underworld DON.

2. I have this marvelous ability to screw up things.. this is very much true.

3. I once participated in ‘group song’ and our team had won the 3rd prize!! (The fact is the team used to get first prize)

4. I am scared of cats!

5. I once slapped a girl in school.

6. I can listen to the same music (which i love) for hours.

7. There are a lot of people whom I adore, worship, respect and love. These people can influence my thoughts easily. (Is that bad?)

8. I had received the ‘best student in class’ and ‘worst student in class’ compliment the same day. (back in school)

9. I love kids. (everyone loves kids :) )

10. I am known as an atheist to believers and as a believer to atheists.

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17 Responses to Ten unknown things about me

  1. anonymous says:

    1. For the greatest ambition, you still have time to work on! ;)
    10. So what are you actually?


  2. sreerenj says:

    Vivek bhayi,i think you forgot to write some other characters(those which were made me as a fan of you)

  3. vivek_b says:

    1. I would like to have it the way Amitabh Bachan(the second one) had in ‘DON’. :)
    10. That is a real big question. I believe all these GOD(s) we call are fictious, made by humans itself.. Also, i know that the belief of some super power (ppl say, they are just spiritual and they believe in some super power called GOD) is also an imagination of humans, which may (not) be true.. But still, i pray at TIMES (i guess my greediness make me do so :)).. So, i cant/can be in any category..

    That’s a big secret revealed!!!

  4. vivek_b says:

    WOW.. i got a fan!!!

    BTW, Havent u heard – “To forget and forgive is human” :D

  5. jvj_003 says:

    Now I know why girls are so dearer to you…..? Tell the reason why you slapped the girl…? …..

    And by the way..thanx for the comment there in my post… see comments are pouring in there..and thanx for linking my post to ur page… is there any way to link my posts to the posts of your girl friends…???? hehehe

  6. anonymous says:

    You pray atleast AT TIMES. So you are not included in the category of atheists.

    I know – many of the boys are unwilling to admit they are believers, even if they are so. I dont know why’s it so.


  7. anonymous says:

    1. Why don’t you read “Catch me if you can”. Watch the movie only after reading.
    10. WOW, may we call you an agnostic theist – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Agnostic_theist


  8. vivek_b says:

    Di Caprio and Tom Hanks movie!! I once had the CD but didnt see that.. Anyways, now i’ll read the book first..

    That is a new piece of info.. Thank you for the link.. :).. and i guess, i can be called so.. :)

  9. vivek_b says:

    She is my cousin and i was in LKG and she in UKG then.. The reason is a secret.. ;)

    I have done nothing man.. It is the feature of livejournal that when you add someone in LJ as friend their posts comes in the Friend’s page automatically.. :)

  10. vivek_b says:

    agnostic theist!!

  11. anonymous says:

    Finally, you’ve come with something original, something brilliant, and something that’s just so…”you”!!! Seriously, its a nice post..


  12. vivek_b says:

    Oh.. i am in seventh heaven.. :)

    Thank you!

  13. sandeep_rb says:

    Highly creative post…

  14. vivek_b says:

    hehe, thank you.. :)

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  16. pavani says:

    1. My greatest ambition is to become an underworld DON.

    its hilarious… :D

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