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I had a call from one of my friend lately, seeking my help. She wanted me to do some modifications in her profile in a matrimonial site. So, she is going to get married and she thinks that I am worth enough to discuss this matter with (:O).

You want me to do this in your profile. So, this is going to be a serious profile. Are you going to get married??

Yes da.. My parents really want me too.. Actually I am not yet sure if I should agree for this right now. I want to be a free bird for some more time, atleast for a year. I want to enjoy my life. What is your opinion about this?

Me!!! (Asif i have married thrice)..

Hmm.. Before I comment on that; what happend to the blue eyed six footer from your office whom you used to fancy?

OH!!! please dont remind me about that.. Its a closed chapter. He got engaged with that stupid micro-mini girl.. :(

So, that is the seventh guy, huh? You know what? You have to be in China. There are a lot of unmarried guys in China . Just show your service records and Chinese government would be glad to give you citizenship and all sort of comforts you need. :P

Poda poda.. Tell me about this.. I seriously need some help..

Hmm.. I dont see anything wrong in going for it. You have no plans for higher education, right? And you are 23 now. And marriage wont happen in a month. It takes time and nowadays people get married 6-7 months after engagement. So, you have the time to enjoy your life and you got this authorized guy to flirt with, what say?



And, basically you are not so good looking but now you have this charm because of your age.. Deceive some guy before it fades off.. :P


Thank you!!

But well, you are right. I think I’ll get enough time before marriage..

Dear friend, you know what?? You really want to get married.. That is what your inner self wants, the outer shell is trying to confuse you with all sort of logics, shoot them.. Think of those romantic poetic lines you used to say in college days. You want to get married.. you want a partner.. dont you think your heart says so.. (:P :b :P :b)

Hmmm…. I think yes…

Thats it.. Go, get married! All the best..

Friend, I dedicate this song to you and your would be.. :)  –  engu ninnu 

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10 Responses to Coffee with Vivek

  1. iam_vivek says:

    guess, someone from Lj ? (clue : writing poems)

  2. anonymous says:

    Vivek, pattu kekkan pattiyilla. ‘Engu ninnu, engu ninnee sugandham’ aa pattalle?
    Vendivannaal upadesam chodikkam allae? advice reg. marriage only ennillallo?

    Oru vayanakkari.

  3. jvj_003 says:

    I liked the gals courage that she consulted u for the purpose…
    good post…. and lot of funny incidences….The blue eyed SIX Footer getting locked to MICRO MINI ( see the contrast…) funny….the gal calling yoou for the advice..hehehe….and finally your Decision of giving that aadvice and the advice itself….edey nalla philosophy aaanallo…. did you ever go to China…?? But one thing..That was a wrong advice you gave her…becoz getting to China will be good… but what after that…?? ( she will kill you when she comes to know about the one child policy..hehehehe)

    And final advice on my part to YOU..well I can also consult such cases if you dont mind… :P

    and for the info of the “ORU VAYANAKARI”..that song is from CALCUTTA NEWS… the newly released Blessy’s movie $$engu ninnu vanno panja varna kili neeeyo$$$$$
    as a welcome gesture for this info, u can read my blog and start commenting on it…hehee

  4. vivek_b says:

    Very bad guess. :)

  5. vivek_b says:

    What I meant was to *tease* her by telling that these unmarried chinese guys get married to other girls due to her presence..

    Well, you can consult.. I dont mind.. :)

  6. vivek_b says:

    The song is ‘engu ninnu vanna panchvarna kiliyalle’ from Calcutta News..

    Pinnentha, Chodikalo… :)

    Aey, marriage mathramonnumalla… i can advice on anything under the sky (over the sky too).. Pakshe, ithu pole ulla advice aakum ennu mathram :)

    I will be writing more episodes of ‘Coffee with Vivek’.. :)

  7. jvj_003 says:

    man I had eplied to the vayanakri’s question? why u jumped in between… che …kalanju… :(

  8. anonymous says:

    Potte, Jerry, saralya. I had gone thro’ yr reply, even before Vivek replying for it.

    Oru Vayanakkari.

  9. jvj_003 says:

    ooops……… hehehehe :P

    thanx for the update ….. if you have read that…then I guess you might have visited my blog toooo ……. :p…right?

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