The Art called Teaching

I am into the business of teaching for some months now.. A friend of mine who run a study center for B-Tech students called me up asking if I could take one of the subjects and I took the risk!.

It is really funny to see people listening to you as if you were reciting Bhagvat Gita(what a simile!), writing down notes even if you ask them not to (actually I am afraid that they will compare the note with the textbook to find mistakes). And most interestingly you get people to try your jokes at and these people actually LAUGH!! It was surprising in the beginning but now I am used to it.

And all of a sudden there are some people who call you SIR, and only SIR. And they use this word atleast once in every sentence. Is this some kind of disease??

I am not an experienced teacher and the problem is that my students are very much experienced as STUDENTS. And this is a dangerous thing.. They had seen more teachers than the no: of Maruti cars I had seen. Thinking of this creates goosebumps for me. Anyways, nothing bad happened till date..:)

Will be back with more teaching news, soon.. :)

PS: BTW, I am a very bad artist!

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6 Responses to The Art called Teaching

  1. pramode_ce says:

    Waiting for `more teaching news’ :-)

  2. anonymous says:

    ee paripaadi eppo thudangi??
    mothamaayum kaivittu poyalloda nee!!!


    PS: students ninte thamaasha kettu chirichenno????? :O

  3. vivek_b says:

    Nice to see your comment after a long time..

    Hehe.. I am not yet sure if they are laughing at me or at my jokes.. :P

  4. vivek_b says:

    Very soon, sir..

    There are some incidents like our old ‘K J Yesudas’ programming pardigm.. :)

  5. anonymous says:

    Paavam kuttikal!!!… (sigh..) :P


  6. vivek_b says:

    Hehe… Who knows. maybe the students consider me as Moses.. :P

    PS: Avar ithu vaayikkilla enna vishwasam thetaruthe, daivame..

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