It was a fine tuesday morning and I heard the assembly anthem been sung when i reached the gate. But the security let me in that day without making me run around the compound, asking apology letter or arranging a meeting with the principal, probably because I was a new student to KV. It was my second week in the school.

As soon as I took the seat near Vinu, he asked, “Dude, have you written the homework? First hour is Chemistry.”

Oh!!!! I didn’t…

Me: Vinu, you know what? We are not supposed to write homework. Great people said that teacher is someone who gives us something to take home to think other than homework. And now by thinking about homework, doing the homework you have insulted the teacher. And by Indian mythologies teachers are to be considered as GOD. You are such a shame to the whole student community.

Even though i said that, Vinu was so nice to give me his book to copy the homework.But the homework was quite long that I dropped the plan to write as the madam was almost in class and also I realized that i took the physics tuition note instead of my chemistry class-note. But the guy sitting in the first bench was not ready to quit (stupid guy!). He kept on writnig the assignment which reminded ma’am about the homework saga. Just after the attendance drama ma’am spoke out.

Teacher: Safeer (the first bench guy), stand up. Those who have not written the homework, stand up.

I decided the moment itself that I wont stand up but then a guy from the other end of the class stood up. That made me rethink about my decision and I thought the teacher would give me a newcomer consideration similar to the security. I stood up. And the most amazing thing was the 3 of us who were standing were the only people who had not written the assignment. Teacher waited for another more minute considering the inertia of the students to stand. And then..

Teacher: Three of you get out of the class.

I was not really shocked, as this was a common happening in the old school and i started walking towards the door when the first guy shouted.

Guy 1: I am done with the homework ma’am….

I just stopped to see what was gonna happen next. Teacher went through the book and let him sit. 

Gosh, this is going to be bad.

Then I noticed that the second guy hadn’t moved an inch from his previous position. I thought “Is this guy deaf?”. The teacher was looking us when he told “Ma’am, I was absent yesterday”.

Bloody heck. Why is he so interested in sitting in the class?

Teacher signaled him to sit down and stared at me. Standing half way to the door i looked her back and she showed me the door with her eyes. There was complete silence and everyone was looking at me walking to the door.

What is happening???

The small kids and teachers walking through the corridor were looking at me like an alien.

Well, that is it. To be an OUTSTANDING person is considered bad in this school. I may be in deep trouble. I should somehow solve this problem with the teacher.

Just after the class was over; the teacher walked past me showing no signs that her sensory system recognized my existence. I ran after her and interrupted her dramatic walk towards the lab.

Me: Excuse me , Maam. I am sorry. I wont repeat it again. Pardon me this time.

She spoke nothing for a minute and just stared at me. And I was faking the naivest of look that could appear in my face.

Teacher: OK. Go to class.

Me: Actually, Ma’am I had an exam today and was preparing for that whole night.

Teacher: Is it a Maths exam? (She had a sorry feeling look in her face)

I guess she have something for mathematics. It is better to say ‘Yes’.

Me: Yes. And the tuition sir is really strict that he wont let us sit in his class if we score less.

GOSH!!!! What am I telling???

Teacher: Tuition!!! And what do you think of us? You can come to school without doing your assignment and take it for granted that we let you in.

Me: Yes ma’am.. I mean, NO Ma’am.. Err…

Teacher: I want to see your classnote. Bring it to me.. NOW

Me: Ahem… I haven’t brought it today. Actually i took my physics tuition note instead of chemistry class note..

Idiot, stop using the word ‘tuition’. Run for your life now..

Teacher: What the heck!! Get Lost! And make sure you show me your notebook before you attend any of my class. 

I guess ‘Sublimation’ is the phenomenon that happened to me at that moment…

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12 Responses to OUTSTANDING

  1. anonymous says:

    hadn’t been able to come for the past few times…

    well.. padikkan midukanayirunnu alle?

    - sandeep

  2. anonymous says:

    simply nostalgic…!! gr8 post man… i like it. brought back all those memories..
    am frm office.. :-) i told u na, livejournal wont be blocked..!! am coming over 4 d weekend. hopin to meet ya.


  3. anonymous says:

    Eventhough the post was a bit lengthy(than ur usual ones), was interesting..
    Actually, you were going for Maths tuition??


  4. vivek_b says:

    hehe.. athe athe.. :P

  5. vivek_b says:

    great.. will meet for sure. :)

  6. vivek_b says:

    Well.. Here in tvm, ‘+2′ = school + tuition for maths,phy&chem (they say, it as the key to the ‘entrance lock’). So i was also going for tuitions in +2..

    And on this particular day I lied to the teacher (about the exam).

  7. iam_vivek says:

    nice one..
    reminding our tution classes also at +2 level, though only for maths.
    +2 is the shortest part of life,

  8. vivek_b says:

    Thank you! :)

  9. harishmoorthy says:

    dey…i started a new journal here…hoping to hear frm in future..u kno wat i mean… :)

  10. sreerenj says:

    wow,cool post,,once again going to school life,(“ormakal oodi kalikkuvanethunnu,,,,”)

  11. vivek_b says:

    Thanks buddy..

    Will be coming back with more of college stuffs too .. ;) [....muttathe chakkara maavin chuvatil]

  12. Bhavana says:

    It was quite interesting :)

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