Manoranjan ka baap

IPL is a perfect entertainer where cricket, glamour and money give their reasonable share. The blasts by McCullum, Hussey and all in the initial matches were so thrilling but I was wondering what happened to the Indian superstars. I seriously doubted that as it happened to the audience, the beautiful cheerleaders were distracting the Indian players too and they were sacrificing their wickets to see them cheer around. :P

But the last two matches proved it wrong. The man of the match awards were crowned by Indians – Sehwag and Y.Pathan – in the last matches.

Sehwag played in his typical style – ‘however you ball, I am gonna hit you for six’. That particular over by Symonds in which he scored 3 fours and 3 sixes (4,6,4,6,4,6) almost killed the bowler. He was invincible that day. But this is something we all know that he’ll do. Oye, Dhoni and Yuvraj, when are you going to rise to our expectations??

The last match was terrific. When this guy, Pathan, came to bat after Kamran Akmal, I wanted him to take singles and give strike to Smith (probably all world wanted so).  But all of a sudden this guy turned out to be an hero. He was smashing all around the ground. I couldn’t believe my eyes when he flied Vaas for two consecutive sixes – 21 runs in that over.. That’s amazing. One never expects to do that by a local boy to a maestro like Vaas!

Waiting impatiently to see Sachin in action… :)

PS: Yesterday, I wrote a poem for the first time in my life!

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10 Responses to Manoranjan ka baap

  1. anonymous says:

    Publish the poem please! :)

  2. nikhil_n says:

    Ya truly its a great entertainment, and Indians are back in action after an initial slowness. But after this they may forget how singles are taken(the other side of it).
    Me too eagerly waiting to read your poem( next post).

  3. vivek_b says:

    Very soon, friend.. :)

  4. vivek_b says:

    Yup.. more indians in limelight now (Abhishek Nayar, etc..).

  5. sreerenj says:

    we all are waiting for sachin…
    One more Mumbay fan,,,at last they opened the account today,,,

  6. vivek_b says:

    I love mumbai-indians just because of Sachin.. In fact the IPL twisted the mind set of viewers (can i generalize.. it did for me). Instead of supporting a team I am supporting players now.. I want Ishanth Sharma to take wickets and Sanath Jayasuriya to hit six.. I want to see my favorite players perform.. :)

  7. anonymous says:

    pleaassee dont publish the poem….:P


  8. vivek_b says:

    Hehe… Adiyan!! :)

  9. anonymous says:

    by the way..
    it was me … forgot to give the identity here…


    {And I thought that you know it obviously… as it was the first comment} :)

  10. vivek_b says:

    I thought it would be you.. but then i doubted another person also… :)

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