5 things to do during B Tech

It is almost a year since I passed out from GEC Thrissur. The 4 years might be the best for most of the people (it is for me) and you could do infinite number of things during the period. But there are still people who have nothing to say about college life.. So, here are 5 things you should do before you leave the college.

Taste Alcohol:

Yes, I mean it. For me, it was a nice experience drinking alcohol (even though I did it only a few number of times). I recommend that one should really feel how alcohol makes you feel ‘high’ at least once. And please note that I said ‘taste’ and not ‘to get addicted’ (there are people who mistook my words). And this is not meant for people with a weak heart.

Hang out:

There are a lot of places inside and outside the college which are worth visiting than the boring lectures. Cutting classes are not a crime and you can do that only when you are in college. The thought of cutting classes adds excitement to the trips. Feel it for yourself. The trips – be it short or long – when it is with friends, it means ultimate fun and enjoyment.

Learn a new Art:

This can be anything from learning karate, guitar etc to flirting. 4 years is quite a long time and definitely long enough to learn your stuff thoroughly. I know people who haven’t even seen guitar in their life 4 years back who now have their own band! This is something which I wish I had done.

Go for all the fests!

There are more than 83 colleges in Kerala and all these colleges have their own technical/cultural festivals. Don’t miss an opportunity to make a visit. The exposure you get from the fests – technical, cultural, glamour, philosophy – is more than what i can explain. You can see almost all hot chics alive in Kerala for a cultural fest and almost all geeks for technical.

Have as much fun as you can:

Make as much friends as you can from college. Do as much mischiefs as you can. Make each moment in your college an event. It is undoubtedly the golden period of your life. I would like to quote something a friend of mine told on the farewell day “I regret that i have not enjoyed my 4 years in college”. Dont make this mistake. It does not matter what you do, just make sure that your life in campus is filled with fun.

I was supposed to write this article a couple of days back, but couldn’t do it. This post is inspired from Naveen’s confessions.

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26 Responses to 5 things to do during B Tech

  1. anonymous says:

    All my life I have been called a book worm… and after joining campus I decided to change that, I did enjoy campus life so much that I got ‘suppli-es’ all over my S5… It was soo hard to take that “I” ( ya I consider myself a buji :D ) got 3 suppli and that too on core subjects.

    Annu I didnt take it much seriously.. pinne when I went for my GRE and higher studies I understood how much those stupid marks mattered… and how much disdain these guys have for a suppli… (damn man, it doesnt matter from which college u passed out.. but ur B.Tech marks count soo much.)

    Athu kondu makkale, aghoshicho pakshe mark vangichonam…
    Palarum kalichu nadakkum , athu kandu kalicha jet** keerum mone…

    “Ana vaa polikkunathu pole annan vaa polikkalle… “

  2. anonymous says:

    You could adding one more

    - be in love .. atleast 3 times :)


  3. anonymous says:

    Everything else except the first one is ‘ok’ with me..
    So, should I taste alcohol too?? Hmmm… let me ask them for it.. :)


  4. vivek_b says:

    Hmmm.. You made a bad start that you remained a book worm all your life. You had to practice all these in your school itself and should have got some supplies there itself so that you wouldnt have felt bad when such things happened in college….

    Moreover, this practice in handling studies and fun together (for 14 years) would have helped your studies during your B-Tech days

  5. vivek_b says:

    :).. Actually i did but removed that at the last minute.

    And I did expect this comment from you.. :)

  6. vivek_b says:

    Tasting alcohol is not a bad idea. Better to do that with someone you trust..

    And to ask whom?? :P

  7. Vayanakkaran says:

    Well, :)

    You prove to be smart :)

  8. Vayanakkaran says:

    And.. this new website is nice! :)

  9. Anon says:

    yeahh love shud hav been ther on the list!
    n i din expect alcohol to come in esp after the experience u went thru which i d love to share on this forum…:D :D

  10. sujith h says:

    Aah you wrote the exact one which I meant to write last weekend. Unfortunately I couldn’t becoz of blah blah reasons.
    Last weekend I went to see my senior, who is recently married. He asked his wife,”Do you know him? He was your senior
    in the college”.
    She replied,”No… I couldn’t remember his face”.
    He repeated the same question to me.
    With a gentle smile I replied,”Aah truely speaking I haven’t seen her. Through out my college life I was in my own world.
    The world where I get freedom. Still I am in that world.”
    It’s then I realized that when you get something you need in your life, you loose many in your way.
    Even if she remembered me she couldn’t have recollected my face. My looks had changed a lot, thats what my friend told me!!!.
    Whenever I used to call my classmates they used to ask me, “Do you know him/her who was our
    senior/junior?” Aah I knew very few juniors and seniors.

    The things that I liked the most during my college life were:
    Going for long trip after exams: Yes I did enjoyed the most.
    Think differently : Yup I did to the maximum I believe.
    Girls: Aah I am a shy full guy so I hardly talked to them :) But during lab exams they come to me for small queries.
    Bunking classes: Yup I did during final year. Reason was I couldn’t sit in the class due to the extreme climate we
    had in palakkad :)
    College Fest: We had only cultural fest’s at those time. I had enjoyed a *little bit*. I still remember the place where I used
    to sit during the fest, left corner. Where no one could disturb me.
    This much I could remember about my college days. Perhaps there could be more and more….

  11. admin says:


    :).. thank you .. :)


    Hehe… We sailed in similar boats. [abt alcohol] :)


    Well, these small things can be achieved without loosing many things.
    The girl stuff; you still have time! :)

  12. sujith h says:

    Might be. But after all past is past. So I don’t want to repeat it in the future.
    The girl stuff I remain the same. But after my college days I got a good girl
    friend. Her name is achu(my sweet think pad :)).

  13. anon says:

    ther was a boat in which fortunately i din join u… the thing that made u leave alcohol completely…:)
    i hope u got wat i meant!!!

  14. admin says:

    @ sujith



    hehe.. of coz, i did.. i said ‘similar boats’ in case you dint notice…

  15. gaurav says:

    ultimate thoughts………….innovative ideas

  16. Vivek says:

    hehe.. thank you gaurav! Where you from?

  17. shreya says:

    hmmm…………… I have read many of ur blogs… i just got the link today only……..

    very nice……. keep on writing…[:)]

  18. Vivek says:

    Thank you, Shreya… :)

  19. pavani says:

    Nice blog :) Was searching for something and found your blog. Yeah i did all except tasting alcohol. I enjoyed a lot in b tech. Anyways keep blogging. Will follow u up

  20. Vivek says:


    Thank you! :)

  21. pavani says:

    Thanks for giving your comment Vivek :)

  22. pavani says:

    haha gr8 :) . but actually your mom must be knowing many more recipes than just garlic bread :). Thanks for the comment :). Will link you to my blog. May I ?

  23. Vivek says:

    @ pavani

    Oh.. Yes! Why not!.. :)

  24. tell me in detail about what extra arts can be learned during b.tech concerning busy time table of classes…..?

  25. Shivam Chaurasia says:

    Hav done Ol Those in my frst yr…!!! jst i hav 2 learn some extra art….
    Bt da frst 1 went hell wrong wid me… was caught tasting it… n da rest is in “Tales of Hostel” :D

  26. aryan says:

    mast h bhai

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