Movie Review – Love Story 2050

I have seen a lot of bad movies. Back in my B-Tech days I used to see every movie that was released in Thrissur but lately I am watching only the bad movies!(not knowingly) And the latest among those is ‘Love Story 2050′.

Harman Baweja, the hero of the movie, who looks similar to Hrithik Roshan tries desperately to mimic Hrithik Roshan by similar dance moves, facial expressions and even the accent. And the acting skills of this chap is pathetic, but that can be improved by time as he’ll be getting more offers being a director’s son.

The first half of the movie presents the silliest of love story (the usual bollywood one, or is it a worse?) and the interesting thing is that the second part is also the same except that it happens in 2050. Priyanka Chopra (heroine) dies in the first half of the movie and immediately after that the hero’s scientist uncle (Boman Irani) who was working on his time machine for last 15 years turns out successful. And the hero sets off to the future (2050) in search of his REINCARNATED LOVE!!! and successfully brings her back to the present. :) , Why cant they just go a couple of days back and avoid the accident??

Well, Boman Irani was impressive (maybe I felt so because I am his fan). His einstein looks and crazy scientist’s behavior was cool.

Another twist in the story is the villain in the movie, who is the greatest scientist in 2050 who wants to get the time machine. The villain has the same habit of making sounds with his ring worn fingers as our old ‘Muqambo khush huwa’ villain except that he does that in his shaved head. And to make the villain the futuristic villain the director has attached two rows of 8 legged IC chips in his head!

The death of the villain is not so convincing which indicates the possibility of a second part.. Not again, Baweja…..

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4 Responses to Movie Review – Love Story 2050

  1. Vayanakkaran says:

    I usually don’t read movie-reviews. But the name of the movie has that curiosity factor! :)
    Hence, thought of reading.

    But you spoiled the fun by saying that the movie is bad… in the beginning itself. :(

  2. Vivek says:


    Sorry to spoil the fun!! :)

    This is my first movie review…

    Reading the article again, i felt that moving the first paragraph to the end of the post doesn’t makes any difference!!

    I am in hunt of more bad movies.. Will come up with good reviews .. :P

  3. Vayanakkaran says:


    A good writer/author should take the reader all through the roller-coaster ride and then give his verdict at the end. Otherwise, the reader gets what he wanted in the beginning and leaves soon.


    PS: I have the habit of jumping to the last paragraph to read the conclusion… (just after the first paragraph) … in that case you can’t fool me (at least)

    Well, I am not yet good at the art of getting one to read all what I’ve written. But I atleast have noticed it with some nice authors! :)

  4. Vivek says:

    Yes, I know and have seen such articles too..

    Maybe, one day I too will .. :)

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