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I am here in Calicut for about a week now and the following lets you know how it had been.

1. Figured out most of the hang-out places in Calicut as well as the Campus. :P

2. A girl asked me on the third day of class, “Are you here for some kind of joke?” (NO NO, I did nothing naughty :~ )

3. There were a lot of instances when i realized the shallowness of my knowledge in computer science and mathematics.

4. Attended the talk of Dr. Manoj Franklin of Maryland University and am really excited about it. (More of his talks to be attended in the coming 3 weeks).

5. I am talking 3 languages right now and am handling all the three very badly! (Malayalam of this part of the world sounds like Greek!)

6. Two of my B-Tech teachers are my classmates now! (They might have cursing the moments they gave me pass mark just to get rid of me but now to have me more closer…)

Apart from those, the campus is cool, classes are good (some of them are really good) and stay (i mean hostel) is not that great.

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  1. Vayanakkaran... says:

    First of all.. once again hats off!! :)

    1. Very important indeed – If you don’t know the coolest places around.. how will you live there?
    2. Even more important – keep your cool all the time. Let them know that all this is just a cake walk for you
    3. Again wonderful – if you knew all those things, why would you even join for MTech? So, your purpose of gaining knowledge will be served.
    4. LOL
    5. You should make sure that they realize that their students were really nice people indeed, who keep no grudge. So that the coming generations will get better treatment from them. [To err is human, to forgive is DIVINE] {personal opinion}

    All the best for you.

    PS: The comment is almost as big as the post.

  2. sreerenj says:

    “Two of my B-Tech teachers are my classmates now! “,,,classmates????????/or collegemates??

  3. Vivek says:


    Thank you :)

    @point 5: i am indeed very nice .. :)

    @PS: you are famous for that, I guess.. :)


    Great to know that you read this new blog of mine.. :)

    Well, actually course-mates… ::)

  4. Vayanakkaran... says:

    @PS..: Well, I am bad at expressing lot of things with so few words! :( .. got to learn.

  5. Pramode says:

    What was the talk about? How did you attend it (video-conferencing?)

  6. Vivek says:

    @ Pramode sir

    The talk was basically about the academic activites and the courses in Maryland University (that being the first talk).
    Dr. Manoj Frankllin is here as a visiting prof for three weeks. There are talks about ILP (instruction level parallelism) and Multi core systems in the coming weeks..

  7. Pramode says:

    That’s is GREAT!

  8. sandeep r b says:

    There is a beautiful river near ur campus. Dont miss to enjoy the beauty!

  9. Vivek says:


    I will definitely make a visit.. :)

  10. Balagopal says:

    Great to hear that you are enjoying the experience.

    Keep blogging

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