Coffee with Vivek – 2

Today we have an interview with a special person – Anish Bhaskaran. He was my classmate in GEC Thrissur, and was supposed to be a genius, know-all guy of the college (regarding computer science and technology) at his time. You might have this false impression that to get an interview with him is an easy task for me as I was his classmate. But believe me, I have been trying to do this for about 4 years. All those years in college, I never got him alone as he was always surrounded by a group of beautiful girls (guys, u know how it feels like). After college, he was one among the very few who opted to work on cutting edge core computer science technology and hence to get some time out of his busy schedule is not so easy a task.. After constant mails on how much the necker cubicle readers are interested in his affairs, he finally agreed to do this interview. What follows is the interview…

Me: Where are you from? Nigeria?

AB: Good guess, but no.. I am from Thrissur, Kerala.

Me: You are supposed to be a computer science genius. So when did you realize that you are born for this?

AB: Well… It all started when my mathematics teacher punished me for not learning the multiplication table by-heart. I started realizing how important automation is..

Me: Wow.. that sounds really cool!!!!

Me: What period in your life do you consider the most beautiful, till date?

AB: Of course, my College Life

Me: Oh!! That is amazing.. because none of your classmates said so..

AB: Oh, yes.. They still have nightmares about the 4 years

Me: In spite of being the worst looking guy in the class you always managed to have a bunch of girls around you. What is the secret?

AB: That is top secret! Proprietary! You dont have an answer for that in this planet..

Me: Oh GOD! Are you from a different planet with super powers to attract girls?

AB: Huh, There is no planet with powers to attract girls. And my planet is not different.

Me: But we never saw you wear underwear over the pants. Is it not mandatory in your planet or you don’t have the habit of.. you know…

AB: Grr.. Comics dont always spread the correct news.. And over the years, you humans were humiliating us in all sorts of rubbish ways you can. And you’ll pay for that.

Me: You wont be attacking us for that sole reason. Right?

AB: How can you be so stupid. Why do you think my classmates were suffering for four years. I ill bring as much misery as I can to human kind.

Me: Well, but you cant succeed. We know your weakness. There is something that weakens you as kryptonite does to Superman.

AB: What is it?

Me: Segmentation Fault. I had seen you getting worried, sweating, and covering your face with your hands and falling into deep thoughts when you see that.

AB: You are mistaken dear. I repel segmentation faults as I attract girls.

Me: So, you want to avenge human beings for making fun of you and your planet through cartoons. But I have heard that you are a great promoter of FOSS. So, you think FOSS can eventually lead the human race to destruction?

AB: FOSS is a medium for me to meet more people. I want to infect the FOSS movement which is making the world a fairer place.

Me: What language do you speak in your planet. From the past acquaintance i had with you, i suppose it would be either C or assembly.

AB: People from my place dont like their culture to be known to others..

Me: Giggle.. I can see that..

AB: Hey, I am in a hurry. There are some serious bugs to be fixed. See you later..

Me: Wait, wait! Do you want to tell anything to necker cubicle readers?

AB: Oh.. YES. Keep safe distance from Vivek!

THE END (or maybe to be continued)

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13 Responses to Coffee with Vivek – 2

  1. Anish Bhaskaran says:

    Guys.. I have nothing to do with this.. I know you don’t believe a single word he has written, still in case if you are thinking me and vivek sat together and created this..

    Yeah.. I am gonna sue him for this… !@#$%^&*(

  2. Anjali T says:

    well..that was totally boring to read…:P
    especiallyt when one knows that 90%of it are MADE UP!!!
    Gosh!! Whats wrong with the two of you :)

    and Yeah could have hyperlinked Ani’s weakness…the SEGMENTATION FAULT

  3. Jerry says:

    Good ONe!!! HOpe anish is doin fine!!!

    Well , a bit strange and a bit jealous as well of Anish . All those stories of Newton and Einstien benig dumb guys and being punished by their teachers which in turn made these guys the most respected techies later on seeems to apply in Anish’s case as well

    Unfortunately when m y mathematics teacher scolded me for not learning multiplication tables, I dint think of any automation ( very sad).. I just had one answer to tell… sorry madam …… probably next year again we will meet here.. till then bye//…. hehehe

  4. Vivek says:

    Are you an alien politician!!!!

    MADE UP! No way… This is the truth!

    Well, the SEGMENTATION FAULT that you are referring to is something from which he (we) gains energy.. I meant the one which comes when the program crashes .. :)

    I think they all are from the same planet.. putting us(humans) into misery by making us learn all the craps (i meant science)..

    Hehe… When my mathematics teacher scolded me for not learning multiplication tables i realized how important CHEATING is…. :)

  5. Sreejith N says:

    Really Good one!.. I enjoyed reading it… :-)

  6. Priya says:


    – Hailstone

  7. Vivek says:

    @ sreejith

    thank you thank you… :)

    @ hailstone


  8. sreerenj says:

    very interesting !!!!! ha ha

  9. chirax says:

    Brilliant work, Anish and Vivek. Very Alien like.

  10. Vivek says:

    @Sreerenj and Chirax

    Danks!… :)

  11. Anon says:

    blockbuster dude!! ur the best…hehe
    totally enjoyed it!!!
    pllssssss continue..:D

  12. Vivek says:

    @ Anon


    thank you, thank you….

  13. Aditya says:

    Hilarious Vman!

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