Trip to Kannur

Had a 2 day trip to Kannur Engineering College, for the technical exhibition infinity organized by the Computer Science Association of the college. Sandhya, Seenu and Remya were also with me to Kannur. Rajith and Aneesh joined us later.

The hospitality we received there was tremendous…. You can never expect much more than this, Thank you for to GCEK students. I think every college posses the culture of the region as is the case of GCEK.

And we also participated in certain competitions too… Rajith, Aneesh and me were one group and the others were another, both of us tried our chance in project presentation but terribly failed:-) Our group also tried our luck in Debugging contest and reached the final round. The intersting thing was that errors kept on increasing as we debugged.

We had stay there in Govt hostel and also had food there. The return journey was a bit tough, we took the bus at 12:00 noon and the journey was terrible…

Anyway we had great reception here too.. 5 different on stage performance from our class for Bhoomika occured the same day and we had a nice time howling….

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  1. anonymous says:

    hi to be honest this was the only part digestible to me.i just dont know wat to say. it was awesome ( though i hardly understood annything)i might just say accenture will be pretty lucky if u stick to it!!
    diya(know its ironical to include name)

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