Seek and you shall find!

I was browsing through the website search query report of my blog lately and I found these wonderful searches which people made to reach this place. I thought to share some of the interesting ones with you..

B.Tech Suppli..

The moment I saw this, I tried it out in Google and it is fascinating to know that my blog happens to be the first link for the query! How can we justify this? This blog helps people gain suppli’s or avoid it? Well, the readers are suppossed to say, right? :)

Hostel Ragging Stories:

This is atrocious!! Never did I indulge in any kind of ragging activities and still google thinks my blog promotes ragging!

Manoranjan ka baap:

This is one of the most linked searches to my blog. I am wondering if this blog really is ‘Manoranjan ka baap’. Or is it someone searching for ‘Mano aur Ranjan’ ka baap?? :-/

How to write an apology letter for late joining to principal?

You will sure end up writing apology letters following the necker cubicle mantras. This blog promotes laziness, in case you dont know [:P].

Different things to do in B.Tech:

Cool.. Someone is learning from my blog, how to spend his/her B.Tech life! Just check the other links that points to my blog before taking my words (If that person ever reads this) ..

Current Song: Thamara kili

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3 Responses to Seek and you shall find!

  1. Njan says:


    one of the searches which leads to mine is “Kerala Nude” !!! :(

  2. Vivek says:

    @ Njan
    Hehe.. thats cool..
    And now that you commented that, it leads to mine too.. :P

  3. Vayanakkaran... says:

    Yup!! Never thouth of that.

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