Pehla Pehla Pyaar hai – 1

High school -  that is the time when boys start realizing that girls are not demons but angels. The time when they wish the teacher punish them and make them sit in between the girls. The time when guys are not anymore ashamed to say that he is in love with a girl. The first known proposal in my class happened when I was in 8th standard but only the guy, girl, their parents and teachers knew what exactly happened. But soon after that, in 9th, the following took place..

In the middle of History class Rahul asked me “Dude, What do you think of Love?? “.

I always had a ready made answer for that question.

Me: Love!!.. Hmm… It is stupid.. There is nothing called love.. there is only lust.

Rahul: Huh!!! You are insane.. Anyways, I am in love with Nayana..

Me: Nayana!!! The maths girl!!! She is the favorite pet bird of teachers.. You are killing yourself. Why not Jasmine? She is the perfect one for love – available for all..

Rahul: Stop kidding man. I am serious. I want to propose her..

Me: But you..

Hey, Vivek.. Get out of the class… teacher interrupted in between. That was irritating. Why only me??  Why most teachers act as if they don’t know that it takes 2 people to make a conversation?

After the class in lunch hours we took the last bench for discussing over the matter. Rahul was damn serious. I couldn’t convince him that Jasmine was better in *all* regards.

Me: Is it really necessary to let her know that you love her? As we see in movies, you can silently love her, right?

Rahul: No man.. That is cowardice. I don’t want to hide my love. I want her to know what I feel for her. I am a man.

Me: (MAN!!! from when?? ) ok ok. So, have youy got a plan?

Rahul: Yes! I will get a gift for her. And there is this Gireeshettan working in Galaxy video shop who is an expert in writing love letters. He will write one for me..

Me: And then..  (I was getting curious about the plan)

Rahul: Then… I will propose her and give her the letter and gift. Done!!

Me: You are a man!!.  I think this will work. But what about the gift? What are you planning to give??

Rahul: Hmm… Haven’t thought about that. How about a necklace?

Me: Nah, it is kind of filmy.. How about Maths Olympiad reference material? That will impress her.

Rahul: Nah, It is full of problems..

Me: hmm. What about your Parker pen??

Rahul: Hmm.. that sounds good.

The master plan was set and the next day, he was ready with the letter and the pen beautifully packed. We just needed a chance to catch her alone..

-to be continued…

The second part of the story is here

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13 Responses to Pehla Pehla Pyaar hai – 1

  1. Chirag says:

    Dude, I could never get over the fact that in engineering people are so eager to propose every girl they meet .

    But “High school – that is the time when boys start realizing that girls are not demons but angels.”

    This has got to be the phrase of the Years. :) LOL

  2. Sreejith says:

    Hey man!

    From this post I understood that you want to express the beauty and innocence of one’s first love. Why don’t you write about your own love story? As I know its beautiful, innocent and sincere… in ur words, should be worth reading for us. :-)


  3. Vayanakkaran... says:

    Hmm… try the first chapter of “High Fidelity”! :)

    *all* regards? ;)

    Well, waiting for the next part.. :)

  4. Vivek says:

    @ Chirax


    @ Sreejith

    Beauty?? Innocence?? Don’t jump into conclusions man, the story is not yet over.. (as u used to say, ‘picture abhi bhi baaki hein’).. :P

    I will let you know once it is done .. :D

    @ Vayanakkaran

    I found the book.. gotta read it..


    The 2nd part will be published after 2 weeks.. (Got exams next week :( )

  5. Chirag says:

    Good luck for the exams .

  6. Priya says:

    Kadhayude adutha episodil enthaakumennulla aakamshayude mulmunayil….. waiting!!!

    Pettennakatte adutha post..

  7. renjith says:

    Hmmmmmm……..I cant wait to read the remaining part….
    Aaattu Notu oru post kandatha……Ella thrillum kalanchu…

  8. Vivek says:

    @ Chirag

    Thanks man…

    @ Priya

    Pettanakam.. :)

    @ Renjith

    Hehe.. Kshamikoo sahodara.. :P

  9. Vayanakkaran... says:

    Well… finally that girl fell in love with the author..

  10. Vivek says:

    @ Vayanakkaran..

    [Ithentha Karan Johar movie-o :P ]

    You meant the author of the post or the love letter?? In either case, very bad guess… :)

  11. Vayanakkaran... says:

    since both such options turn bad, is there any way to turn the time back and make her fall in love with the author of THIS comment? ;)

  12. Vivek says:

    @ Vayanakkaran..

    Hehe.. :)

    You are asking solutions for TWO OPEN problems to a poor m-tech student?!

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