Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai – 2

The first part of the story is here

“Excuse Me?? What is the problem, guys?”, asked Nayana.

That was unexpected. We were thinking of how to catch her alone and she was there near us all alone.. The saying “Think of the devil and he (she?) is here” is very true..

Me: Ahem.. Rahul got something to ask you..

Rahul: ME!! Oh.. AAh.. Why b^2 – 4ac is called as dicriminant. Is it something to be discriminated??

He actually thought that to be funny.

Nayana: No. It is because it is used to discriminate the nature of the roots..

Rahul: Roots??

I saw him loosing the cool he had gradually and I slowly vanished before he proposed. I watched him for quite some time from a distance, but the conversation never seemed to end.

Later after the lunch hours I didn’t see him or Nayana in the class.

Where are these guys? I shouldn’t have gone to play. I should have waited there till he finished. Probably Vaisakh might be knowing where he is..

Me: Psst.. Where is Rahul?

He nodded his head which said he dont know..

Bloody heck!! They should be in the library (that’s where most of the lovebirds of school used to spent there time). He is amazing.. he proposed today and took her to library the same day!! – I thought…

Just after the hour, Nayana came back to class. She came straight to me and told ” MIni Philip teacher wants to meet you, now!” (She was our class teacher / maths teacher)

GOD! So, that is what that happened.. Everything is out of our hands now. She is one of those few teachers who liked me.. And this is going to ruin everything..

Rahul was standing to the left of Mini teacher with this *special* look (I cant explain, how it is.. People who had been to staffrooms for accepting punishment would know)..

Maam: Do you know why you are called?

Me: Yes, Maam.. Isn’t it about Rahul’s proposal?

Maam: So, What Rahul said is right? I wont let this kind of activities happen in my class.

Rahul and me: Sorry maam.. We wont repeat it. Please, forgive us for this time.. Please Maam, please….

Maam: Hmm.. Write 1000 times that “I wont do practical jokes in class” (She was nice, actually very nice. Had it been Vijayakumari maam or James Sir, nothing less than bringing the parents would have happened)

While writing the imposition i asked Rahul “What did you tell Maam?”

Rahul: I told her that you challenged me to propose Nayana. And all of this was a bet!!

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14 Responses to Pehla Pehla Pyaar Hai – 2

  1. Priya says:

    :)) Superb!!!

    ”Rahul: I told her that you challenged me to propose Nayana. And all of this was a bet!!” — LOL :)

    Ithu polulla incidents iniyumundo?? enkil vegam postoo…..

  2. Anish Bhaskaran says:

    That was great.. You were as stupid as you are now!!!

    Really wonderful incident and narration.. Coooll..

  3. Vayanakkaran... says:

    LOL! :)


    ee type friends dhaaralam undo?

  4. Vivek says:

    @ Priya


    @ Anish

    You see.. I am consistent.. :)


    @ Vayanakkaran


    Most of the friends from school were like this.. :)

  5. LOL :) , Master Story Teller.

  6. balagopal says:

    and…how was your exams?

    Is this the right place to ask? ;P

  7. Vivek says:

    @ Chirag..

    I am in ninth cloud.. :)

    @ Balu

    Exams was kinda good this time.. :)

  8. Thanks Vivek, Happy Diwali bro.

  9. ranjith says:

    LOL :)
    Superb narration Man.

  10. shail says:

    That was good. Well written! :)

  11. Vivek says:

    @ Shail

    Thank you… :)

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  13. Nirnaya says:

    Oh,Vivek!!! :)

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