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Hello!!!! I am Vivek, your host. A boy who is not so bad in most of the things he does and who is still searching for that one thing in which he will be best at.

I am a computer science engineer and did my B-Tech from Govt Engg College, Thrissur. Somebody said that “Life ends after college” and I felt it right and decided to live a bit longer and am back into studies, doing PhD at NTU Singapore.

I usually write meaningless, useless stuffs which happens to be happenings of my life! And there are times (quite often) when i am short of subject and then i copy lyrics of songs i like from various sites(sorry for not mentioning the names; no free advertisements) and put it down here just for the heck of it..

Be careful how you look at THE BLOG; it is like THAT!! :)

You can contact me at vivek@vivekb.info.

If you are not yet bored reading about me then the following are some of my articles which describes a bit of me. Read it and I promise that I’ll bore your lungs out of you! :P

What am I to others
10 unknown things about me
Intel Intern
Compsci graduate – Why??
Me – an outstanding student!!

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